Hortus Garden Design



Hortus Garden Design was founded by  Bill Ockwell DipPSGD   in April 2000.


After 20 years in industry and finance I decided to pursue my lifelong passion for gardens & gardening by making a career move and become a  garden designer.


Before professional training as a garden designer I spent a year as a self-employed gardener.  I feel that this has given me an important insight and understanding into my clients relationships with their own garden.


In addition being a qualified garden designer, I am a qualified horticulturalist  having sucessfully  completed the RHS Advanced Certificate in Horticulture.








The design process begins with an initial visit to discuss your dreams and aspirations for the outside space.


Following our initial discussions  should you decide to  comission myself and HGD to create your new garden I will confirm everything we have discussed in writing.  My letter will encompass all aspects of the commission, what you can expect from me, fees, timescales and a resume of my interpretation of your requirements.  Once you are happy with the outline of my services etc., we can proceed with the design.


The Design


To begin the process a garden survey will be completed and a detailed scale plan of the garden created. This plan will form the basis for the new garden. 


The initial design will be drawn and presented to you, any ammendments can easily be incorporated at this time. On approval the final finished design will be drawn, once agreed we can move on to create the garden.


From here there are three main options:


1 - HGD quotes for and, on approval creates the garden

2 - Drawings are provided and the Client appoints their own contractor

3 - The client builds the garden themself


Where you choose not to use HGD to build the garden, I can be retained on a hourly basis to advise and/or liase with the contractor and yourself on any aspect of the build.